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How to Source and Use Orgonite Crystals to Recharge Your Life

Amethyst Orgonite Pyramid Benefits

People’s interest in holistic practices and natural healing has increased at a pretty fast pace. The majority of people today prefer staying aware of their surroundings. These are the main things that affect the different aspects of one’s life and have a more significant impact on their mental and physical wellbeing. The guide will help […]

Best Gifts Ideas For Your Loved Ones : Orgonites


The concept of orgone energy is spreading fast and many of its positive effects have been surfacing. The term orgone was coined by Wilhelm Reich. It is a universal life force and the building block of all organic and inorganic matter on earth. It has various benefits and healing powers and is believed to accelerate […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Orgonites

Frequently Asked Questions About Orgonites

Are Orgonites safe? The materials that go into the making of an orgonite include resin quartz and aluminum. The latter two material i.e. quartz and aluminum are non-toxic (except when aluminum is put in contact with food and heated which releases microscopic parts of the metal into the food). Since Orgonites are not be eaten, […]

How to Make Orgonites: Materials Needed


The universal life energy orgone was first characterized by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the 20th Century. This energy is known to be present everywhere in nature and has great healing properties. If harnessed in the right manner orgone has the capability to transform your life physically, mentally, and spiritually as well. How to make Orgonite- […]

Healing Benefits That Comes With Orgonite

Healing Benefits That Comes With Orgonite

There are many stones that are believed to have healing properties and have also been proved regarding the same. One of the most fascinating pieces is the Orgonite stone. It was created by Wilhelm Reich in the 20th century but pioneered and modified by Karl Hans Welz. Orgonite is now getting the spotlight due to […]

Benefits of Orgone Pyramid

Benefits of Orgone Pyramid

Positivity has the power to rejuvenate the mind and influence our efforts. How many times do we fail even after mastering a trait? Ever wondered what is that due to? It is due to the negative energy that surrounds us. And, the solution to overpower this negativity is to use an Orgone crystal as it […]

What is Orgone Energy ?


Orgоnе іѕ thе unіvеrѕаl Lіfе fоrсе, thе bаѕіс buіldіng blосk оf аll оrgаnіс аnd іnоrgаnіс mаttеr оn thе mаtеrіаl рlаnеt. Cоіnеd bу Dr. Wіlhеlm Rеісh, Orgоnе hаѕ bееn саllеd bу thе Grеаt mуѕtісѕ аnd рhіlоѕорhеrѕ; Chі, Prаnа оr ѕіmрlу thе Fоrсе. Orgоnе еnеrgу wаѕ Wіlhеlm Rеісh’ѕ tеrm fоr аn оmnірrеѕеnt, “lіfе роѕіtіvе” еnеrgу hе сlаіmеd tо […]