Healing Benefits That Comes With Orgonite

Healing Benefits That Comes With Orgonite

There are many stones that are believed to have healing properties and have also been proved regarding the same. One of the most fascinating pieces is the Orgonite stone. It was created by Wilhelm Reich in the 20th century but pioneered and modified by Karl Hans Welz. Orgonite is now getting the spotlight due to its many properties.

Reich identified energy which he named orgone and realized that it could be manipulated with the use of metal and organic material. He made use of various items like wood and cotton for his organic materials and iron sheets as metallic components. Due to his variation, he brought modern materials into use, which became the organic component polyester resin, called Orgonite.

Orgonite is a combination of many metal particles which are in a resin matrix. Orgonite tends to be very dynamic due to the high energy flow in it, which makes powerful stuff.

Orgonite crystal is based on certain principles. It is a mix of organic resin and metal shavings. A quartz crystal is also added to the mix due to its piezoelectric properties. Due to this, it gives off a charge when under pressure. When resin shrinks during the curing period, constant pressure is put on the quartz crystal.

The elements that are in Orgonite are constantly attracting and repelling energy, which results in a scrubbing action to take place. Including the charge that is given off by the crystal, this removes all the stagnant and negative energy and brings it to a healthy and vibrant state.

Healing Properties

Oronite’s effects vary from person to person. Some people feel the energy instantly while for some, the effects are cumulative. With Oronite, you have physical, spiritual, and emotional effects –

1. Physical benefits – It results in better sleep, more energy, a stronger immune system, decreased sensitivity to EMFs.
2. Emotional benefits – Helps balance moods and gets rid of negative energy
3. Spiritual benefits – Encourages spiritual growth by deepening meditations and getting rid of negative energy.

Directions on How to Use Orgonite

Orgonite can be used where there is an abundance of electronics, like offices or desks. It is very versatile, so it can be put to use while meditating or clearing a room of negative energy. You should always try to wear this tone as much as possible! It gives the best effects when in skin contact.

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