Frequently Asked Questions About Orgonites

Frequently Asked Questions About Orgonites
  • Are Orgonites safe?

The materials that go into the making of an orgonite include resin quartz and aluminum. The latter two material i.e. quartz and aluminum are non-toxic (except when aluminum is put in contact with food and heated which releases microscopic parts of the metal into the food). Since Orgonites are not be eaten, there no sort an issue here. Coming to the third material, synthetic resins like polyester and epoxy are toxic in their non-hardened state; it is always advisable to use masks and gloves while making Orgonites.

  • What is the composition of Orgonites?

Orgonites are basically composed of three materials-

  • Resin (polyester, epoxy, natural)
  • Metal shavings (aluminum, copper, iron, steel, etc.)
  • A little bit of quartz (white, grey, transparent)

Generally speaking, Orgonites are composed of the above three basic materials. At times a small piece of rose quartz may be added. Other stones may also be added. But it is important to remember that all stones cannot be mixed with each other. It can result in an orgonite becoming ineffective.

  • What is the lifespan of an Orgonite?

When stored inside Orgonites are known to survive for more than a hundred years. However, with the passage of time polyester has the tendency to change slightly in color. But, it is almost unobtrusive. It should be noted that when Orgonites made with polyester resin come in contact with water, they can whiten. This happens more so with the side that comes in direct contact with air. Thus, water breaks down resin slowly as the years pass by. However, even when plunged in saltwater, an orgonite made with polyester will definitely last for 50 years and more.

  • Can large quantities of Orgonites have a bad effect?

There is no sort of things as too much orgonite. You can have as many Orgonites as you wish. There are no negative effects as such. However, it is essential to be aware of temporary discomfort, due to too much beneficial effect. Due to the presence of many Orgonites, you can feel the effects to strongly in the first go. So it would be better to start with one and then gradually increase the number.

  • Can Orgonites be worn?

Definitely yes! Wearing an orgonite can be more effective and protect you better from the harmful effects of EMFs.

Hope this article has answered the basic queries in relation to Orgonites. Orgonites are a wonderful way to reduce the harmful effects that we humans create in the environment.



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