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Ethically sourced from Africa, Brazil, Peru, India and Sri Lanka.

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Each our products are made with original crystal jewelry pieces.

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Agate is a form of Chalcedony stone which is found in many colors and many patterns. Discover in-depth Agate Stone Meanings and watch the video to get your top gemstone questions answered. In crystal healing, Agate encourages vitality, stamina and an appreciation of nature. It provides you with a grounding, solid and stable energy. This gemstone is associated with the Root chakra.

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We have highly energized spiritual pendent for sale online

From curious to refined, our extra collection of crystal healing pendants has something gorgeous for every taste. These charming gemstone pendent treasures stimulate your higher consciousness while remaining mindful of your passion for fashion. Sling it on the chain of your choice to create a lovely energy saturate necklace.

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Each purchase helps support local artisans and their family in India.

We are a leading online orgone & orgonite crystal products seller in USA. We have highly energized spiritual products for sale with huge variety.

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