Orgone Pyramids: Everything You Should Know

Indigo Onyx Orgonite Pyramid

Orgone energy is comparable to what was known as prana, chi, or eternal energy in the past. Layers of organic and inorganic materials that can capture this essential life-force energy and magnify it so you can genuinely experience emotion with it are used to make orgone. Carol Croft is said to have added crystals to […]

How to Source and Use Orgonite Crystals to Recharge Your Life

Amethyst Orgonite Pyramid Benefits

People’s interest in holistic practices and natural healing has increased at a pretty fast pace. The majority of people today prefer staying aware of their surroundings. These are the main things that affect the different aspects of one’s life and have a more significant impact on their mental and physical wellbeing. The guide will help […]

Essential Guidelines When Buy Online Metaphysical Stones

healing crystal pendant

Are you looking forward to buying online Metaphysical Stones but don’t know about the same? If yes, we have the absolute guideline to help you buy online Metaphysical stones. It doesn’t matter how far we have grown with technology; there are still some natural things that owe to serve you absolute results. Metaphysics is a […]

A Guide to Understanding Orgonite’s Potential

Black Tourmaline Orognite Pyramid Necklace

Orgonite, which is made from resin, crystals and metals, can take on the negative energy output of any device and transmute it into positive energy leaving once again to experience life in an undisturbed environment.  It is especially useful for combating “electrosmog” as it helps clear negative output from any human technological device – this […]

7 Chakras in a Human body | Healing Meditation Chakras

7 Chakras in a Human body Healing Meditation Chakras

Within the benefits of these minerals, in the spiritual are the chakras, which are according to Hinduism and some cultures in Asia are a valuable energy center located in the human body, we have 7 types of chakras and keep them balanced Gives us the power to eliminate any impediment of the subconscious, in addition, […]

Healing Crystals for Your Bedroom

Healing Crystals for your bedroom

Natural healing remedies are the best sought today and people are turning away from western medicine. Mother nature natural healers or crystals in other words are sought for today now more than ever. They have been in use for thousands of years and their power is unlimited coming right from the core of the earth. […]

Amethyst Healing Properties

Healing Properties of Amethyst

Amethyst gemstone is a variety of purple-colored quartz. However, the purple shade varies from light lavender to dark violet making it all so beautiful. It is believed that there is an abundance of Healing Properties of Amethyst. Amethyst is believed to help individuals tap into their consciousness as well as awaken their souls. In simple […]

How to Use Crystal Healing Stones

How to Use Crystal Healing Stones

Crystal healing an ancient art of therapy usually referred to as the laying of stones on chakras. Those that practice believes that the chakra stones and Organite crystals can cure disease and ailments hence it can be used as an alternative way of medication. It is used to balance chakras transforming the energy properties of […]