Orgone Pyramids: Everything You Should Know

Indigo Onyx Orgonite Pyramid

Orgone energy is comparable to what was known as prana, chi, or eternal energy in the past. Layers of organic and inorganic materials that can capture this essential life-force energy and magnify it so you can genuinely experience emotion with it are used to make orgone. Carol Croft is said to have added crystals to the mixture around 2000.

Opalite Orgonite Pyramid

Wilhelm Reich conducted a scientific study that led to the discovery of what he called “orgone energy,” which is the basis for the creation of orgonite, a mixture of crystal and metallic resin. Through Reich’s research, the torsion field and absolute zero energy were developed. To further boost the healing frequencies, I’ve added sacred sign geometry to this mixture of crystal, metal, and resin.

An Explanation of Orgone Pyramids Based on Science

Imagine a world in which everything that is alive possesses vital energy, from the birds that soar above your head to the grass that grows beneath your feet. Imagine if Orgone Pyramid for sale had a life force present in each and every cell, both within and outside the body, and if it could be captured and applied in ways to enhance your quality of life.

Amazonite Black Tourmaline Orgone Pyramid

Chi is another name for what the ancient people would have called orgone energy. Orgone Energy and its manipulation have the power to treat a wide range of issues, not simply the bodily discomforts that people experience throughout their lives but also on a bigger, more collective scale. to build something that could channel that energy and transform harmful forces into something better and more complete for the common benefit. Our online store offers a lovely selection of orgonite products.




Such as genuine orgonite pyramids in various sizes, orgonite angels, orgonite necklaces, and orgonite keychains. Visit an online store immediately and discover the fantastic advantages for yourself. Many individuals hold the opinion that keeping an orgonite crystal in your house will make your body’s energy field stronger against negativity, as well as elevate your mood and give you a more upbeat outlook. Additionally, a recent study suggests that orgonite may strengthen your immune system.

You Can Check How to Make Orgonites: Materials Needed

Orgone Pyramids: What are they made of?

A wooden cabinet that was coated with metal, cotton, and steel wool served as the Orgone Energy Accumulator. According to Reich, the Seven Chakra Orgonite Pyramid gets the organic elements packed inside the box that would absorb and hold Orgone Energy similar to how a greenhouse works with heat. Even authors like Ginsberg, Kerouac, William Burroughs, and Norman Mailer were drawn to the idea of the orgone accumulator and eager to use it to increase their “orgiastic potency.”

Seven Chakra Orgonite Pyramid

The Cloudbuster was much more focused on environmental and orgone energy research. He was aware that the existence of energy affected the atmosphere and contributed to cloud formation. Amazing material called orgonite is created from quartz, metals, and glue. It can be found in many different forms, such as orgonite crystals, pyramids, and stones. You will enjoy the benefits of our lovely orgonite pendants and real orgonite pyramids in your home or office.

Orgone energy is obtained from orgonite. Orgonite transforms negative or sluggish bioelectric energy into positive energy, negating the effects of damaging EMF radiation. During the drying process, the orgonite contracts, compressing the crystal. Simply said, the crystal is improved in its ability to generate positive energy by becoming electrically polarized.

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Orgone Pyramid Benefits

  • Orgonite’s distinctive properties have just lately been recognized, despite its long history. Orgonite not only has numerous potential health advantages, but it also has a stunning appearance.
  • A beautiful addition to your house or place of business, an orgone energy pyramid also makes a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member.
  • Many people buy orgonite to hold the opinion that keeping an orgonite crystal in your house will make your body’s energy field stronger against negativity, as well as elevate your mood and give you a more upbeat outlook.
  • Additionally, recent study suggests that orgonite may strengthen your immune system.  In an Orgone Pyramid, the crystals’ potent therapeutic properties are amplified.
  • Crystals and semi-precious stones are electrically charged by the resin, which contracts them when you add them to the mixture.
  • The non-organic elements scatter the organic energy back in all directions, while the organic materials absorb it. Orgone pyramids have the ability to move orgone energy back and forth and operate as a cleansing of the sluggish, bad energies.

They are built of a combination of organic resin and non-organic metal shavings. Due to the positive orgone pyramid effect, the device is made much more potent by the door lethal orgone Pyramids’ perfect replication of Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza.

How Can Orgone Pyramids Help Us

For the benefit of humans, God created a variety of natural stones on this planet. Every element in nature has a function, just as he did when he made the water and the trees. Utilize the natural crystal orgone pyramids to strengthen and improve the various aspects of your life that you select. All you are required to do is hold one of these in your hands or keep one near you.

They are strong, useful, and very attractive. Enhance disease resistance and immunity, as well as energy levels and general well-being. By directing high frequency energy, you can eliminate the pressures that have an unconscious impact on us.

Malachite Orgonite Pyramid Benefits

Orgone pyramids have reportedly benefited people’s complete lives, including their spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being.  Heal the environs by thoroughly purifying them energetically. Access more profound meditations, bolster your intentions and visualizations. fight insomnia, enhance sleep, and have more vivid and enjoyable dreams.

Help each person with their unique imbalances as though they “know” what you need and for your spiritual development Healthy food, water, and plants by adding energy. They are especially useful for those who live in big cities because they shield users from the EMF radiation from electrical and electronic gadgets. Heal the environs by thoroughly purifying them energetically.

Heal the Environment

The alleged modern wizardry that captures all that vital Orgone Energy. Quartz crystals and metal suspended in resin make orgonite. It has the capacity to transform harmful orgone energy into something beneficial. In order to increase their power, modern orgonite devices frequently include healing crystals.

Selenite Orgonite Pyramid Benefits

They can also be bought in Online Metaphysical Store and shaped using sacred geometry, such as pyramids, to pay homage to the ancient world and to our earthly ancestors who would have already been familiar with orgone but may have called it something else, such as life force, life force, Prana, or Chi.

Orgone energy is present everywhere, and the goal has always been to harness and promote it in a positive way.  The pendants are perfect if you want something a little more unique and attractive. They are available in a variety of gem colors, including purple and black tourmaline, much like all of our orgonite goods. A wide variety of colors can be found in the pyramids and spheres.

Amethyst (purple), carnelian (red), black tourmaline, clear quartz, lapis lazuli (blue), and rose quartz are just a few examples (pink). However, if the one you’re looking for isn’t on our website, just ask. Products made with orgonite, at the very least, make wonderful home decor or exquisite jewelry. Better still if they’re able to also enhance your physical and environmental well-being.

Orgone Pyramids Have other Benefits as well

Orgone helps harmonize and fortify your body’s energy field with life force energy, wear an orgonite pendant or keep a piece of orgonite crystal in your pocket. To help shield you from harmful EMF radiation, place an orgonite energy pyramid close to your computer, laptop, Wi-Fi network, or other electronic equipment. It creates a calm, balanced atmosphere in your home, placing orgonite pyramids there and around the process.

To recharge it with life force energy, place an orgonite crystal underneath a glass, bottle, or even in or on a water filter. Improve your yoga, meditation, and spiritual activities by using your orgonite. To help with insomnia, lucid dreaming, and better sleep quality, place orgonite near your bed or under your pillow.

How do Orgone Pyramids Work?

Plants can grow with orgone energy and grow faster if you place orgonite rock in your garden or close by. Use an orgonite therapy wand to transform negative energy and promote the flow of healing energy on aches and pains. On my website, you may find a detailed list of the various minerals I use, along with information about their main therapeutic benefits. Crystals are like portals of light that anchor in greater planetary frequencies and perhaps frequencies from other dimensions, bridging the gap between science and the spiritual aspects.

Amethyst Orgonite Pyramid Benefits

They are effective frequency boosters. The pyramids, according to one of my professors, “create spatial vortexes of light energy that regenerate. There has been a good bit of research on this subject, and it is believed that these intangible radiation or energy fields may be the root of everything from brain tumors to mood disorders and to avoid it.

Many people think that scattering orgonite about the house or workplace will fortify the body’s energy shield against this harmful artificial energy. Those who have used it claim that it has improved their sleep, overall wellbeing, and attitude. According to research, it might even strengthen your immune system. They can be positioned wherever you desire because they are available in various sizes. Placing orgonite next to your computer, TV, or other electrical or Wi-Fi gadget is one of the most common uses.

Do They Really Work?

Orgone jewelry and household appliances can be fantastic for keeping the chakras cleansed in addition to purifying energy. Each of the seven energy points in our bodies corresponds to a particular aspect of our mental and physical well-being. As previously noted, Orgone energy is entirely focused on removing obstacles and encouraging life to flow.

This is echoed by our chakras, which occasionally become blocked and prevent the universal energy from assisting us in reaching our full potential. Orgonite will help to keep the chakras open and flowing while it is performing its crucial task of spinning good energy and eliminating filters and obstacles as well.  As already established, there are practical Orgone devices made for household usage

Notwithstanding historical reservations and bans on Reich’s work. People who want to retune the orgone energy in their home frequently use orgone pyramids. These pyramids were constructed in accordance with the principles of orgone energy science.

What Do Orgone Pyramids Look Like?

The Pyramid is the ideal filter form since it has the space and geometry needed to use its cleaning abilities. The world and the universe are represented by the Pyramid as well. It maintains equilibrium and a sense of grounding while remaining in contact with the universe and greater possibilities. For people who want constant protection, orgone pendants and jewelry are particularly popular.

The added benefit of someone being close to your skin comes from wearing an orgone chain around your neck, as a bracelet, or in any other form of jewelry. Direct skin contact can make sure that any unfavorable or sluggish energy in the body is stirred up, cleanse up, and ready to lead you in more constructive and wholesome directions.

Final Thoughts

One of the greatest discoveries of modern medicine was beginning to be accepted by the best scientific minds of the 20th century. Orgonite’s components constantly draw and repel energy, creating a “scrubbing” motion that, together with the charge that the crystal emits, removes negative and stagnant energy and restores it to a healthy, vibrant condition.  It removes unloving power and substitutes it with positive energy.

It is a great stone for midlife crises because it increases sensitivity, empathy, and the ability to accept necessary change. with powerful metaphysical attributes. Its energy calms wrath and tense tension while resonating throughout the throat chakra, creating a sense of tranquility. It filters out electromagnetic pollution and negativity. It provides security and safeguards a space.

Hope you like our detailed guide about Orgone Pyramids and one more thing I would like to add and that is we started Wholesale Metaphysical Supplies to the USA so you can order us in bulk.

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