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Seven Chakra Orgonite Emf Protection Pyramid Energy Orgone Generator


  • Size:- 70 to 80 MM
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Protects from harmful Emf radiation.

What are chakra?

  • Root Chakra: This chakra helps us to calm and stabilize our bodies. This chakra has a very strong relation with the ground. This chakra helps in meditation and always teaches us the importance of the ground on which we live.
  • Sacral Chakra: Sacral chakra is the chakra of pleasure and selflessness. Sacral chakra helps us to feel charitable and generous.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra: Solar plexus chakra helps to control all the senses. It also helps to improve the confidence and issue related to stomach problems.
  • Heart Chakra: Heart chakra increases the ability to love someone and ourselves. This Chakra helps to improve the inner piece of the body etc. 
  • Throat Chakra: This chakra helps to improve communication and balance.
  • Third Eye Chakra: This chakra helps to increase the focus and institution capabilities etc. 
  • Crown Chakra: This chakra helps to open the mind to inner and outer beauty.
Chakra Chart System

Where to place orgonites?

  • Place at each corner of your bed
  • Put one either side of your window sill and another in the middle.
  • Place on every electrical device
  • Place on or under your plug socket
  • Create a Hexagon shape around you whilst meditation
  • Place one under your bed
  • Carry them with you in your bag or car
  • Place under bed for better sleep
  • Put on the perimeter of property to cleanse it
  • Place in corners of a room to protect it
  • Place near cell towers to block the negative effects
  • Grid them on your property for protection
  • Create an orgone grid by placing one every 3 feet around your property
emf protection pyramid
chakra orgonite pyramid

Healing benefits Of 7 chakra pyramid

According to Tradition, every chakra is connected with some organ or some part of the human body which benefits human health. If any of the chakras get imbalanced it can cause a physical or psychological imbalance in the body. That is why these chakra healing gemstones are used they used to keep your mind calm, increase logical abilities, increase thinking power, or balance all the human body’s mental physical activities.

Uses Of 7 chakras

There are multiple ways to use them gemstones. The most method is to arrange them in your body in your seven chakras location. But this method is not suitable for a person with normal routines. You can use these chakras balancing gemstones as pendant, necklace, bracelet, ring or you can place the chakra pyramid in your home office etc. Chakra crystals are many times the primary objects when building personal altars and shrines

chakra orgone pyramid

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    Julie Brown

    Beautiful pyramid chakra colors are perfect not lounge most I’ve gotten where they’ve left out colors. Like the chakra pendant and black im guessing orgonite pendant. Ordered thru amazon. Next time I’ll comer thru here

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