A Guide to Understanding Orgonite’s Potential

Black Tourmaline Orognite Pyramid Necklace

Orgonite, which is made from resin, crystals and metals, can take on the negative energy output of any device and transmute it into positive energy leaving once again to experience life in an undisturbed environment.  It is especially useful for combating “electrosmog” as it helps clear negative output from any human technological device – this electrical interference permeates our surroundings at home and also in the environment, where we have an increasing array of pylons and towers no matter where we go where we live. Anything within 2 miles of the radius is usually affected in some way.

Healing Powers of Crystal

Seven Chakra Orgonite Pyramid

The Orgonite helps in clearing negative energy and makes your surroundings full of positivity, you must try to explore the benefits offered by this orgonite and Its recuperating abilities.  It radiates positivity, enthusiastic clarity, and physical aid both psychologically and spiritually. It helps individuals to calm their minds and relax the body.

It also helps in reducing stress and increasing energy and balancing mood.

Perfect For Homes and Offices

Putting an orgonite in your home can improve the efficiency of the electricity in the house and reduce your power consumption. 

01) Place an orgonite on or near a television will sharpen the image by removing impurities in the cable line. 

02) While working in an office with a computer, place a small piece of orgonite on the desk or under the chair to remove any harmful radiation that can affect your aura. 

03) A piece of orgonite in the refrigerator will increase the vibration and positive benefits of some foods. 

04) while doing meditation will help connect your aura with the energy of the universe. 

05) To enhance your spiritual work come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. By understanding how these all work together, you can create a more positive healing experience for yourself and others.

06) Place an orgonite on the table will increase your work efficiency.

07) Place an orgonite in the entrance of your homes and offices will help to remove negativity from your place.

08) By putting orgonite in your room near your bed will help to improve your health and helps in making your immunity strong.

09) It helps in removing negativity and helps in making spiritually and mentally strong.

10) Its radiations make a person fully energetic.

11) Orgonite helps in better sleep.

12) Place on stereo speaker Orgonite works harder when stimulated by sound.

Gorgeous Range of Colours

When it comes to colors of orgonite  I immediately think of Rainbow and White being divided into the colors of the viable light spectrum, and if a certain color calls you, it might be something you need to acknowledge or it might give you strength or take away hat it represents.

Angelite MeaningIt is available in different colors like Turquoise, Aquamarine, Pink Quartz, Tiger eye, Fire Agate and many more. Each color aligns with the chakra which in turn has connections to parts of our body and also feelings…so if you pulled towards green, which is the heart chakra and related to love, self–love, relationships, etc. So it might help you to have that color around you. Or you just might love certain colors and want to surround by those colors.

How orgonite can bring about a positive change in your life I would like to draw your attention to that the pyramids we make are not suitable for leaving outside for a long time. 

They are made from eco-friendly resin that cannot survive very harsh weather conditions. One of the most talked-about areas of these pyramids is how they aid in divinizing an area. Orgonite radiates high levels of harmonic energies that are much needed in our Homes.

Thus, we found that chaotic energy caused harmful effects on a living organism that as “Negative Energy” and found that orgonite could neutralize those negative radiations and EMF radiations by both attenuation and frequency modification. In the process of attracting, deflecting, modifying spurious energies around and through orgonite objects.

Where the field is not detectable, one may assume the energy field from other sources is stronger than the orgonite fields.

Orgonite helps those that are dying to move on and those that are dead to release their spirit into the light. Some have found that once their area where they live and their life has been thoroughly gifted, they have to move to another area almost as if they have no choice just so that another area in need is ‘gifted’ too. Animals also benefit from Orgonite.

There are many strange tales among the Gifters of sudden changes and happenings around gifted areas.

Gifting’ is done from the heart with the intention of helping all beings and the planet. A silent, secret gift that gives hope to many people.

We are often very embedded in our lives and, although we know we need to change things, we ramble on through the years putting up with things that have long since reached their sell-by date. Orgonite can be the rocket fuel that propels us into making changes right now instead of ten years down the line. 

The infallibly beneficial nature of orgonite eliminates the need for special training, safety precautions, or rigorous effort to operate a chembuster, since it simply transmutes any negative energy it attracts from the atmosphere while the rest of the device functions as an etheric vortex generator, actively balancing the energy between sky and ground, eliminating smog/air pollution and negatively charged artificial cloud formations called chemtrails,  replacing their spreading blanket of poisonous DOR clouds with the deep blue skies and puffy white natural clouds we all remember from childhood. The positive, self-empowering effects of working with orgonite quickly become obvious to those who choose to make and use it. 

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