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Orgonite Pendant Black Tourmaline Blue Onyx Aquamarine Flower Of Life


  • Removes Negative Energy
  • Adjustable Cord Pendant Necklace
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


Emf Necklace

Black Tourmaline Orgonite Pendant

Orgone Energy represents protective universal energy or vital energy on earth. Orgone also referred to as Reiki, Chi, Prana, Aether. Orgonite accumulator first introduced by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Our Orgone Necklaces works similarly to his accumulator & aid to balance energy fields, strengthening your body by converting the low frequency into higher frequency energy. Beneficial for all life forms including pets and plants.

Black Tourmaline :

Black tourmaline is probably the best stone when it comes to deal with negative energy. Black tourmaline not only helps to get rid of negative energy, but it also attracts positive energy. Black tourmaline doesn’t need to be always black it can be a mixture of any mineral colors in its surrounding. Black Tourmaline has incredible anti-aging effects. Orgonite Black Tourmaline Crystal generates energy to charm you that helps to let your skin, body organs to look younger.


Black Tourmaline Orgonite Necklace

Orgonite Pendant

Orgonite Pendants blocks EMF radiation and protects you from hazardous radiation emitted from your electronic devices. pendant infused with chakra balancing crystals & orgonite materials to clear & heal your chakra blockages. Just wear a Black Tourmaline Orgone Pendant helps balance excessive anger or fear and clears past emotional, physical, or verbal abuse.

Healing Benefits Of Black Tourmaline Orgonite Pendant:-

There are multiple healing benefits of wearing orgonite. It helps to clear the negative energy, purifies the air around us, and improves periods of sleep and dreams. It improves meditation, spiritual and psychological growth, balances the mood, etc. There are multiple health benefits of black tourmaline like it Strengthens immunity, Relieves stress and anxiety, Increases alertness, Supports organs, Helps circulation, Improves metabolism, Improves self-confidence

Black Tourmaline Orgonite Necklace
Black Tourmaline Orgonite Necklace

Benefits Of Wearing Black Tourmaline Orgonite Pendant

Black Tourmaline is an excellent natural crystal for meditation and the awakening of spirituality and inner abilities. These Handmade Pendant Necklace create vibes in you and surrounding individuals, will let you be more elegant, give you a more charming look and win more compliments.


This beautiful orgonite pendant necklace is made with black tourmaline stone, black tourmaline is considered to be a very powerful protective stone that shields against EMF radiation. Black tourmaline is associated with protection, grounding, health happiness, luck, and positivity.


BEAUTIFUL DETAIL, HARMONY AT HOME – real crystal pendants are designed with a metal flower of life symbol nested peacefully amongst gemstones and resin, emitting love & Reiki energy. A perfect addition to any meditation, yoga, or spiritual session, this source of positive energy makes a lovely addition to the decor and feng shui of any home.

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    This piece is very attractive. The cord is durable and comfortable to wear. Cording is adjustable. Very well-made. The pendant is lightweight, has smooth edges, and colors are vibrant. Received many compliments. Will buy this again to gift.

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