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Buy Orgonite Bracelets

Of course, you are looking for Orgonite Bracelet Online in USA that’s why you are here. Here you can buy online Orgone Bracelets stones & Crystal Seven Chakra Bracelets from our website. Bracelet can Boost your Energy, Clean your Space, Attract Wealth, Enhance your Intuition, Increase Mental Abilities, Boost your Confidence and bring Abundance, or even Attract Love.

The seven colors are usually associated with certain gemstones or beads. Typically, there are seven different chakras.
  1. The Root or Base: Red. Gemstones include red jasper
  2. The Naval or Sacral: Orange. Gemstones include Carnelian.
  3. The Solar Plexus: Yellow. Gemstones include Citrine
  4. The Heart: Green. Gemstones include Green Tourmaline or Aventurine
  5. The Throat: Blue. Gemstones include Turquoise or Blue Lace Agate
  6. The Brow or 3rd Eye: Indigo. Gemstones include Lapis Lazuli or Sodalite.
  7. The Crown: Purple or Clear/White. Gemstones include Amethyst or Clear Quartz
When 7 Chakra Bracelets are worn, it helps to keep the seven components at their right energy levels causing the wearer to feel more balanced. The 7 Chakra Bracelet, sometimes referred to as the “healing bracelet” wearer tends to receive energy from the power of the gemstones or crystals. And so, they are meant to clear negative energy, allowing only positive energy to be delivered to the chakra bracelet wearer.